Victoria Bookshop Website Development

Victoria Book Shop is the Major Supplier of Text Books Stationary Office Equipments and Educational Material to Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Levels schools.

The project involved domain registration, hosting, design and development of website for a bookshop in Mwanza. The client is a big seller and supplier of books in the lakezone.

They wanted to increase their outreach through the power of internet  so they approached us for a website

A website which can display some books online and allow visitors to make decision to buy by visiting the shop physically or online.

The website shall also connect with social networks like facebook and twitter to maximize the social network population.

We developed the website to cover information about the bookshop and created an online shop to display books.

  •  Online Shop Page:
    This page displays some books or any other items at the bookshop for people to see and read a summary which is meant to give introduction about the book. The page give a visitor ability to write review about the book and give score..
  • Blog Page:
    This is a page displaying articles posts the bookshop need the visitors to read. This page is meant to educate readers about various things pertaining to the bookshop services. This page is dynamic so the readers will keep coming back regularly to read new article. The articles can be shared through social media simply by clicking the share buttons  integrated at the top and bottom of each post
  • Other Pages:
    We created other normal pages as in any other website-these are informational pages which included About Us,Contact,Privacy Policy,Terms of Use.

Customer to visit Victoria Bookshop online by using link

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