Mobile Inventory App

Mobile Inventory App is an app for overseeing the flow of items into and out of your stock, it used to show how much stock you have at any one time, and how you keep track of it.

Through your smartphone, you can see how your business is going on by using MIAPP, such as orders, sales, and stock all of this monitored by using MIAPP, so you can be somewhere apart from your business while you watching how your business is going on.

The client needed a something (app) which can enable he/she to get all the feedback about how the business is going on wherever is, by using any simple devices.

The Mobile Inventory App at now is under development to meet all the requirement of a client in different levels.

This  MIAPP can do the followings

  • to determine current stock levels and the value of the stock.
  • look at sales records to find out which items are good sellers and which are slow moving.
  • work out which items of stock sold make the most gross margin. This way you will be able to focus more energy on these sales for improved profit. Gross margin is the percentage of total sales revenue you make after taking away the direct costs of producing your goods.
  • make a list of slow moving.
  • update your stock records and ensure your Financial Policies and Procedures Manual includes a policy to track all movement of stock. This will help with reordering stock only when needed and also highlight any theft or fraud that may occur.
  • And other things which is much important.

To meet all the requirement of client.

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