Isamilo Lodge

The Isamilo Lodge is a perfectly fine hotel and it is very large (way too large) and sparsely furnished.

Isamilo Lodge is a top class hotel in Mwanza. It is strategically located at Isamilo area in Mwanza City 2km away from City Centre, 7km from Mwanza Airport. The hotel offers spacious rooms with the all necessary amenities for the guest’s desire.

We have been servicing their computers and network since 2015.

We have a contract for repair and preventive maintenance for  all computers at the hotel.

The company which can servicing the computers and network (Preventive Maintenance).

The client don’t have to worry about computers and network, we are there to cover everything and leave managers and staff focus on the hotel business.

With Preventive Maintenance we keep the computers health all the time so that there is no interruptions of business caused by computers breakdown.

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