Hotel Management System

With computer based Hotel Information Management System keeping this information and its retrieval becomes much easier and faster.

Information search is easier and the information are much more organised and kept at the single location-a database

A lot of time will be saved and become available for other tasks hence improving productivity of the staff in charge and in result the productivity for the enterprise.

Information and record keeping in many hotels are manually done i.e paper based records or if electronic the information is scattered into many files e.g. Reservation, Guest Book, Accounts, Sales etc.

Managing the information about the hotel in this environment is difficult. Extraction of the report may need long time to prepare.

The system should be able to keep the guest  information, reservations/bookings, rooms, room types, rates, services, guest folios etc.

It covers all aspects of the Hotel information management

  • Reservations management
  • Check in and checkout management
  • Guest profiles management
  • Guest folios/transactions management
  • House keeping
  • Rooms Management
  • Ledger/Accounting management
  • Rates management
  • Inventory and Material management
  • Point of Sales
  • All information will be kept into the same database and hence easy of management.
  • Guest stay history will be kept.
  • Easy management of reservations.
  • Easy management of housekeeping matter and maintenance.
  • Paper works will be highly minimised and offices will become neater.
  • Custom generated reports will be possible and easily generated in shortest time.
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