Absolute Data Collect

What is Absolute Data Collect

Absolute Data Collect is a replacement for paper forms with support for geo-locations, images, audio clips, video clips and barcodes, as well as numerical and textual answers.

Absolute DC can evaluate complex logic to control the display prompts and to impose constraints on their responses; it also supports groups of repetitive questions and data collection.

Absolute DC is designed to work out of touch with a cellular network / Wi-Fi during the data collection effort. Once back in the network coverage, the completed forms can be copied out of the device or sent to a server (you control) for analysis.

During data collect, form is available in server to allow a researcher to download form through smart phone, and once download a researcher can fill empty form, edit form,and  final can send a form to the server (Data stored), through that a coordinator he/she have access to the server to allow to access submitted data from specific place.